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Virtra 300 Simulator

"Train as you fight -
Fight as you train."

Welcome to the world of VirTra. Now YOU can experience state-of-the-art scenario based training. Train using the same technology as the US Marshals Service, US military operators, law-enforcement officers and executive protection professionals. From tactical scenarios to basic marksmanship shooting, the VirTra V-300 can help take your skills to the next level.


  • Fully immersive 300-degree environment

  • Real-life scenarios and marksmanship training capability

  • Seamless high resolution video

  • Debrief and record a trainee’s performance, judgment, and reaction time

  • Multi-directional surround sound for unsurpassed audio realism

  • Arsenal of recoil kits available for most firearms


Training Content: Superior, lifelike, 300-degree training: Video and CGI scenarios across multiple screens with incredible audio generate unparalleled realism and immersion. This allows training in a situational awareness, contact and cover and threat assessment. The motto “Train as you fight, fight as you train” has been proven true time and time again.


Firearms training course-ware: Software gives instructors the tools to help advance shooting skills through skill building drills. Included software can simulate indoor and outdoor shooting ranges and has a fully configurable authoring package available.


Shoot-house course-ware: With the addition of the breachable door, an instructor can teach the concepts of basic to advanced building search techniques. An instructor can cover such topics as the approach, low light searches, single and multiple person entries, and suspect control. An ideal addition for serious CQB training is the electronic switch, which is attached to the breach door to automatically start the scenario.


Extensive scenario library: Professionally produced with real actors and special effects where needed. Scenarios, often based on real life incidents, are carefully crafted by subject matter experts to heavily test the trainee’s critical thinking skills, firearms skills under pressure, and psychological preparation for close quarter combat. Custom content scenario productions available.


Recoil Kits: Firearm recoil realism: Add life-like recoil to firearms training while using inexpensive and inert CO2 for exceptional safety (absolutely no muzzle pressure danger as with blank rounds). VirTra offers quick and non-permanent drop in laser recoil kits that swap with a few parts of the real firearm, converting it to a recoil training firearm while prohibiting a live round.


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