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Mr. Stone retired from the New York City Police Department with the rank of Lieutenant and Platoon Commander. He has over forty-eight years of combined experience in Law Enforcement and the Security Industry. Mr. Stone is also a graduate of the FBI Law Enforcement Officer Training School and John Jay College of Criminal Justice.




General Manager/Chief Range Safety Officer

Along with overseeing all operations here at SFTA, Mr. Joseph brings over 16 years of security experience that includes: nightclub venues, major events at arenas (MSG, Barclay’s Center, Arthur Ashe Stadium) as well as dignitary protection. His real-life experience, organizational skills and attention to detail keep SFTA running smoothly.


Ramon T. Rodriguez

Senior Firearms Instructor/Armorer

Mr.Rodriguez has been with Shadow Firearms & Tactics since 2009. He brings 27 Years of continuous law enforcement experience. During his tenure with the New York City Department of Correctons, he has been assigned to Rikers Island – House of Detention for Men, George R Vierno High Maximum facility and other numerous enforcement units within the Department-Emergency Response Unit (ERU), Ceremonial Unit.
Upon ending his career with Corrections, he was assigned to the NYPD Outdoor Range-Corrections Firearms & Tactics Unit as a Firearm Instructor. Mr Rodriguez is a six year veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard during the Lebanon & Grenada conflicts as well as the Cuban – Mariel boatlift.


Jose R. Guerra

Senior Tactical Advisor

Mr. Guerra brings over 26 years of experience in Law Enforcement and tactical training to SFTA. A retired New York Police Department Police Officer, his assignments included: Police Service Area 6, Housing Authority Emergency Rescue Service & NYPD Emergency Service Unit Squad 3 (Special Operations Division.) As a Member of the NYPD and its elite Emergency Service Unit, Mr. Guerra has earned over 35 service awards and medals. Awards include the New York Shields Purple Heart for injuries received in street combat and The New York City Police Department’s highest award, The Medal of Honor on December 4th, 2001.

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